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Financial Aid

The mission of Gulf Coast State College's financial aid office is to effectively and efficiently serve students who need help with paying for their educational dreams by delivering information and access to financial assistance programs while meeting customer service expectations.

Financial Aid Questions? Get Video Answers 2023-24年FAFSA表格:要知道的事情

Meet the team

Financial Aid Advisor & Verification Specialist
FAFSAs With Last Names: A-L

Financial Aid Advisor & Verification Specialist
Financial Aid Advisor & Verification Specialist
FAFSAs With Last Names: M–Z
巴拿马城校园(周一至周四)= 850人.747.3240
海湾/富兰克林校区(周五)= 850人.227.9670 ext. 15519
Financial Aid Specialist
State, Transient, & Campus-Based Funds

System & Processing Support
Financial Aid Specialist
Pell Grant, Federal & Private Loans
Coordinator of Financial Aid & Interpreting Liaison*

Director of Financial Aid
联邦、州、 & Institutional Aid


*Financial aid information will be provided to national origin minority persons with 有限的母语英语能力.  Ms. Backus interprets Spanish and will obtain the assistance of other GCSC employees with the skills necessary to 用其他语言解读经济援助信息.

*Información sobre la asistencia económica para estudiantes se proporcionará a las personas de origen nacional minoritario con conocimientos limitados en inglés, en su lengua nativa. La Señora Backus interpreta español y si es esesario puede obtener la asistencia de otros empleados de GCSC con habilidades para interpretar la información 清醒的耳朵económica对学生的耳朵.


是的,经济援助办公室现在重新开放,提供面对面的服务. CDC 然而,指导方针仍将维持.

如果您无法亲自访问我们,请发送电子邮件至 from your official GCSC account. 否则,请打850给我们.872.3845 or any of the 团队成员的电话号码如上所述.

A2: The U.S. 教育部(ED)向墨西哥湾沿岸地区提供了两轮COVID-19 emergency grant funding. 第一轮资金(HEERF I)已于2013年用完 spring and summer of 2020. 第二轮资金(HEERF II)已于 the spring of 2021.

Both rounds of assistance were designed to help students cover emergency expenses related to COVID-19 or for any component of the student’s cost of attendance, such 学费,书籍,笔记本电脑,食物,住房,医疗保健和儿童保育.

Funds from the second round (HEERF II) were awarded to eligible students enrolled 2021年春季学期,无需申请. Eligibility criteria include:

  • Enrolled in at least 5.春季学期零学时
  • 美国公民或符合条件的非公民
  • 宣布学习计划了吗
  • 优先考虑特殊需要的学生,由FAFSA决定

资金通过直接存款的方式发给学生 BankMobile. Students were encouraged to set up a deposit preference, if they hadn’t already, 登录myGCSC并单击BankMobile应用程序/磁贴/链接.

Visit ED's "Frequently Asked Questions from Students about the Higher Education Emergency Relief Student Grants" 

A3: Incomplete grades may impact your financial aid, so please email 如果您对您的情况有任何疑问,请从您的GCSC帐户.

我们的教师会尽可能地灵活和包容. We encourage you 联系你的导师,因为他们可能会给你提供选择. If you are 接受联邦财政援助(佩尔助学金、直接贷款等).) and are unable to 完成一个学期,现行法律要求大学 perform a calculation 这可能会导致钱被返还给他们. 出于这个和其他原因,我们鼓励 you to work with your instructors and do your best to complete as much as possible.

A5: Per the U.S. 教育部,GCSC给没有工作的FWS学生发工资 由于2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19),在2021年春季为工资#4(截至2020年4月20日). The amount that FWS students received was based upon an average of the last three paychecks they'd individually received, minus hours that weren't worked during GCSC's originally planned spring break week.

答7:美国要求的HEERF报告.S. Department of Education (可在以下网页找到-

Per section 18004(e) of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), Pub. L. No. 116-136, 134 Stat. 281, GCSC的“学生部分公开报告” can be found online at:

Per sections 18004(a)(1), (2), & (3)冠状病毒援助、救济和经济 Security Act (“CARES Act”), Pub. L. No. 116-136, 134 Stat. 281, GCSC's "Quarterly 预算及开支报告”表格可于以下网址查阅:

Gulf Coast State College does not discriminate against any person in its programs, activities, policies or procedures on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, marital status, religion, age, gender, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, 性别认同、遗传信息、残疾或退伍军人身份. All questions or inquiries regarding compliance with laws relating to non-discrimination and all 有关性行为不当或性歧视的投诉,可提交至 Lee Wood, Executive Director, Human Resources/Title II/504/Title IX Coordinator and Employment 公平干事,墨西哥湾州立学院,5230 W. 美国98号高速公路,巴拿马城,佛罗里达州32401.
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